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thin love

started this blog one week ago with 63,4 kg

today: 62,4kg ...thats just 1kg in a week. thats not enough. this week it has to be 2 kg.

so next aim: 60 kg until next week!

here some thinspo



love. M.

9.8.10 10:37


good morining.

firstly: its sunday which means deadlineday. so this morning i weighted 62,4! well, actually i should be happy or feel good but i dont. its still more than i ever weighted. its no triumph. its more something embaressing.

yesterday a boy who i actually like and maybe have a little crush on told me while we were kidding that i have become fater since the last time we saw eachother. i know he didint meant it, but i knew he was right! i felt so horrible. i didnt realised how fast my body changed. i was kind of blind! i remember the times when i weigthed 58kg and thought i were looking fat! how do i have to look like with 62?

im desperate. i need to lose more weight. therer are sill 23 days left. i have to make it.

love. m.

8.8.10 13:17

Queen thin...

...well....partying hard was nice...but the alcohol was bad.

todays weigth after breakfast : 63,1

in two days is aim for this day was 62kg. so the next two days will be starvation. which me luck.

after these holidays the Queen will be back for good. i want to come to school and hear everybody takling about me. its my last year in school. i want to impress and stick in their heads as the thinny beautiful looking girl with all the skills. good grades, hippest freinds, great style, bright future and the hottest boyfreind.


tell jesus the bitch is back.


6.8.10 18:22

party diet works


I knew that partying will make me lose weight, but i forgot how good it workes.

i'm exited to weigth myselfe tomorrow after another party.

5.8.10 10:34

4.8.10 19:06


i recognized that i always lose weigth when i party the whole weekend, because i go out till morning and then sleep all day. so i cant eat while i sleep. i know that this isnt a solution for a long period of time but for today and tomorrow this is a chance to lose a lot for the start.

so i'm going out tonight. i hate going out when i feel fat. but if i stay at home i know im going to eat because of bordom.


and here is my plan for the rest of this week:

wendsday: shopping with mom, going out with freinds                thuseday: working from 12-20 p.m. , going out with freinds       friday: sleeeeping, coffee with a good freind, maybe shopping, swimming                                                                   saturday: jogging, working 13.30-20 p.m., going out with freinds sunday: swiming, hanging out with freinds

weigthing aim: today: 63,9   sunday: 62  --> hope i will make it


4.8.10 18:28

that takes the cake

 yesterday was my best friends birthday. it was horrible. well, actually it wasn't for her but it was for me.

she knows everything about my past so she always watches after me and especially what i eat.

i dont even remember all the things i ate yesterday but i can tell it was a lot, because my weighing machine told me today.

63,9 kg

new record.

i cant belive it. im desperate. i miss the days when it was 53,9 and not 63,9 .

fuck fuck fuck fuck

i love her bladebones.


4.8.10 11:44

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