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today i ate:

2 waffles with jay (500kcal) and 1 sandwhich with chees and ham (400kcal)


here is some thinspiration

2.8.10 11:41

start it all over again

today i weighted myselfe for a long time ago. it was horrible. the last time i weighted 58 kg. no i weight 63.i want to die. i never weighted so much in my while life. i want to weight 54 kg again, just like i did a year ago. i feel so bad. i even don't want to go out, because i am fat. i don't want enyone to see me like that.

so here is the plan:

my summerholidays still last till the end of august so i have a month of time to reduce my weight. during this time i want to lose 6 kg. which means: when school begins again i want to weigt 57 kg.

this is my first step.

i want to use this blog to writ down my daily weight and to inspire myself.

 love. M.


2.8.10 11:25

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